Pre-booking - means that someone is interested in the kitten, and we expect that person to an advance payment. As long as the status is not changed to "Book", you can report the desire to purchase a kitten.

Reservation - kitten pre-financing (30% of the payment kitten), is expected to receive from the culture.

Observation - observe the kitten is developing, evaluating its features exhibitions, etc.

In the new house - kitten sold left farming

Available - kitten is not reserved

Classification Breeding :

PET - cat "to love" - no breeding rights and exhibition after castration.

SHOW - exhibition kitten after castration (to show) without breeding rights - kitten without mismarks, well built.

BREEDER - kitten with breeding rights, but not to the show (with small mismark such as coat color), but very promising for breeding.

SHOW / BREEDER - kitten breeding - Exhibition, the cat with the laws of the exhibition and breeding, excellent type.

Our kittens leave home after 13 - 14 weeks:

- Vaccinated twice
- Three times dewormed
- with chip
- Trained to use the litter box
- learn to eat dry and wet food
- The layette
- The sale and purchase agreement (guarantee the cat health)
- A CD with pictures of cat
The new owner signs a specific contract of sale cat, indicating whether it is a so-called kitten "pet" or breeding. If you decide not to purchase a kitten deposit is left to the breeder. New owner also receives all the information about the care and feeding kitten baby. We prefer to keep in touch, exchange experiences with both breeders and cat lovers.

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