Sweet home & Cat mischief

From always the opportunity to commune with animals ... Dogs, parrots, fish, cats always umilały our daily lives.

Now we have at home cute cat;) Increases us this cat folks.

We are fascinated by the Ragdoll cat breed. For this reason, we established breeding FriendlyRagdoll * PL.

These are wonderful, gentle and adorable kittens. These hugs can never have too much. We love children.

These cats are very curious, eager follow the man.

Although the cat has a fairy tale look and behave lovingly, it is worth remembering that these are living creatures endowed with a small defensive instincts.

For this reason, do not expose them to any unpleasantness associated with a very friendly attitude to the world.


Below starring: Buba, Salsa and Issey, that our milusiński Ragdolls. Enjoy watching;)


Kitty mischief


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