About the breed

Ragdolls are rather young breed. It appears that she has appeared in the U.S. in the 60's.
These cats compared to other stands but their incredible gentleness.
It is fascinating characteristic of Ragdoli sagging muscles. This means that the cat taken in hand is not able to raise hands, or use the claws. For those with small children it is particularly desirable property. They can be quite calm about the lack of scratches.

It's perfect for the family cat even with little kids. What's more, this is a cat "low-floor", so do not expect to climb on furniture or curtains.


Ragdoll cats are very trusting and a friendly attitude towards people and other animals. You have to remember that letting cat outside the safe house. I think Ragdoll thinks everybody loves him. Totally lacking in self-preservation. He can come to every human being. Fears neither dog nor cars.

Therefore, not moving our Ragdolls with an error and does not allow a situation where the understanding, however, that not everyone loves this cat.

Ragdoll basically always have blue eyes and long bielutkie born. Only in the course of days and months begin to change.


Differentiate between the colors:
Seal - dark, almost black markings
Blue - gray matter, coming in blue
Lilac-so. lilac, very light gray
Cream and cream
Chocolate-chocolate, light brown
The importance of color:
Colourpoint-stained whole feet, snout and tail mask
Mitted (04) - stained tail, paws socks and a white beard
Bicolor (03) - stained tail, feet, and on the face inverted pattern "V"
Lynx (21) - brindle matter
Tortie - tortie, only females are tricolor
Ragdoll cat is very calm, gentle, gentle. Very reconciles with her guardian. He likes to stay close to him. It is very curious, likes to explore new areas, he loves when something is going on around him. In a way, trying to help the caregiver in a variety of activities. Always willing to play, also loves cuddling. Completely devoid of aggression, live in friendship with other animals. When attacked by other cats or dogs, is so completely helpless. Feels great even in small apartments.

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