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If so do not even all agree that the cat has already beaten the position most popular dog companion and friend of man , it is hard to deny that the cat is certainly a busy man's best friend .
And admittedly it is of course another reason for popularity . Since we are working more and have less time for private , domestic life , is indicated for the quadruped on which the treatment is not cumbersome and does not take too much time.
At the same time get rid of the guilt that poor little dog is bored when they are sitting at work. Because the cat is bored ... and, in particular , the company has another furry ( of the same or different species , as long as inclined to play with ) . Cat in principle tolerate long hours of absence of the man much better than a dog .
Today, however, we want the house of a friend , a companion . And what a joy with a friend who does not have his own opinion ? Those who want to get in touch with pets rather than deliver a monologue dialogue , so choose a cat ...
Cats as a rule tend to be far less absorbing . First of all, do not need to learn any commands ( cause they do not take orders :) . Second, if for example, will make the two cuddly - or more - hardly will we need for development activities. Yes, we are happy to welcome , come for their share of caresses, but with equal alacrity will play each other without requiring our constant care and attention.
As you can see now more and more animal lovers are choosing to Frisky , not the watchdog . To a large extent because of the convenience . Cats do not have to move out for a walk or to feed three times a day.
Select independence.
Today, the first companion of the human race is no longer a dog , and cat .
Called " man's best friend " has long been reserved for the dog. But times have changed and our friends as well.

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