O nas

That's how it started,
that Peter and Danuta met Ms. Lidia Sajnog
and in a moment love the Ragdolls ...
Every heard murmuring and blue eyes Ragdoll is viewed.
The more emotion invested, the more the cat gave.
Her behavior has changed our lives ...

and so a new breed was born ... FriendlyRagdoll*PL

Our experience with the breed Ragdoll cats began in 2009.
At that time, to live with us kitty Berenice Ragdesire * PL
Charmed us with his temperament and fluffy, silky fur.
I immediately felt that we wanted to extend our feline family.
Many thanks to Mrs. Lydia Sajnog culture Ragdesire * PL for introducing us to the wonderful world of Ragdolls.
Cat with us is treated like a family member. It is always where we are.
We care for their proper development, health and a good amount of cuddling :)
Our kittens are registered with the PFA Feline Club affiliated to Felis Polonia (FPL).
FPL is under the auspices of FIFe - the largest and most serious of the International Federation Feline in the world.
Pedigrees FPL include FIFe logo and are accepted by all felinologiczny world.



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